Final Recipes

I’ve researched & compiled all of the following recipes from a variety of sources with a huge debt to the APUG forum. They are not perfect & I certainly haven’t tested them in any rigorous scientific way. They are simply recipes that, after trial and error, have worked and importantly I’ve repeated them with success.

1. C-41

Color developer
800ml tap water
2g Calgon (sodium hexametaphosphate) Available at Vanbar
34g Potash (Potassium carbonate)
1.9g Sodium Bikarbonate (Baking soda)
3.5g Sodium Sulphite
1.4 g Potassium bromide
1.4 mg (!) Potassium iodide (1.4ml, ie make solution: Water 1litre + 1g Pot Iodide)
2g Hydroxylamine sulfate (HAS)
5.3g CD4
Water to 1 Litre,
Measured pH is 10.16 at 25°C.

Stop bath (C41/E6)
Water 110-120F   800 ml
Glacial acetic acid   20 ml
Sod. Bisulfite anhyd.   20 g
Water to make    1 liter

Bleach (C41/E6)
Water 100F    750ml
Pot. Ferricyanide   90g
Pot. Bromide    20g
diSodium Phosphate   6.8g
Sod. Thiocyanate 5% soln.  90ml
Water to make    1 litre

Fixer (C41/E6)
Water 110-120F 800 ml
Sodium Thiosulphite  200g(Original recipe calls for: Ammonium thiosulfate 60%  162 ml, however I was unable to source this in Australia)
Sod. Sulfite anhyd.   24 g
EDTA Sodium salt   1.25 g
Sod. Bisulfite anhyd.   12.4 g(Can use metabisulfite. Use 91.3 grams of metabisulphite for 100 grams of bisulfite)
Pot. Hydroxide anhyd.  2.4 g
Water to make    1 litre
Set  pH 6.5 @ 75-77F using KOH or Acetic acid as required.
Shelf life 6-12 month unused.  1-2 month used.

Stabilizer (C41/E6)
Water 110-120F   800 ml
Formalin 38% .   5 ml
Kodak photoflo 200   1 ml
Water to make    1 liter

Tri-X Reversal Recipe
1st Developer
D-19 + Sodium Thiocyanate
D-19 Recipe:
Water at 125F/52C, 750.0 ml
Metol, 2.0 g
Sodium sulfite, 90.0 g
Hydroquinone, 8.0 g
Sodium carbonate, monohydrate, 52.5 g (45 g anhydrous)
Potassium bromide, 5.0 g
Sodium thiocyanate (liquid), 51%, 3.0 ml (If liquid sodium thiocyanate is not available, use 2.0 grams of sodium thiocyanate)
Water to make 1.0 litre
*Always pour acid (very slowly) to water and NEVER water to acid! Stir constantly while pouring.
Recipe for 2L of working solution
Start with 2L of Water
1. Potassium Dichromate (anhydrous) – 19g
2. Sulphuric Acid (concentrated – 98%) – 24ml
Sodium Sulfite, 90 g
water to make 1 Liter
2nd Developer
Recipe for 2L of working solution
Start with 1.5L of water at 27C
1. Sodium Thiosulfate (anhydrous) – 320g
2. Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous) – 60 to 120g
3. Water to make 2L

Tri-X Final Recipe (PDF same as above)

tri-x-reversal-process (PDF)

C-41 Process & Times

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  1. Ruben says:

    DO you have the times for each of this formulas for processing?

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