Film stock suppliers

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  1. Howard Stean says:

    Very helpful

    I am a 16mm film maker changing perhaps from Tri x reversal to Foma r ( 100 ) asa

    I successfully develop my films with D19 at 6 mins, as Kodak suggest and use dichromate bleach as directed

    Foma company cannot supply development times for D 19 chemistry and I deduce from this page that a longer time ( 10 minutes ? ) might be needed…

    Howard Stean, London UK

    • Peter Humble says:

      Hi Howard,
      Yes the Foma I have developed has been in home brewed D19 and the 10 minute development time has worked out well for this stock. This longer time was actually on advice from Richard Tuohy who has Nano Lab here in Australia and he has a lot of experience in processing this film.

    • Howard stean says:

      What a wonderful resource thanks a lot
      My niche is making 16mm b/w documentary films here i’n London.

      Kodak tri x was the only other reversal film available, which I am using.. Very good but too fast for bright outdoors
      I am about to test the foam 100 and if suitable acquire a lifetime supply and store i’n the ‘fridge. That may hopefully fulfil my needs!

      Any advice on storage/ processing will be invaluable

      Ps. Welcome to view my work when i’n London


      Howard stean

      • Peter Humble says:

        Thanks Howard,
        Hopefully get to London sooner rather than later.
        How are you processing? Are you using a tank? (Lomo? Morse?) or dunk processing?
        I use a Lomo tank which are great but quite rare. Sometimes they’re a bit fiddly to load.

  2. Howard Stean says:

    Indeed I use the Lomo tank, there seem to be frequent ones for sale on Ebay, mostly from Russia

    I tried the Morse tank and found it hopeless, although I am sure there must be a way for film to be processed, as so many were made and used.

    To date I have not had any failures, after spending a while on the formulae and exact processing needs.

    Drying 100 feet of wet film has been an interesting challenge, I have recently found a Russian film dryer from 1980’s really a miniature clothes dryer… amazing what can be found on Ebay if you keep looking

  3. Peter Humble says:

    The Russian dryer sounds great! I built a circular rack to dry film on. Didn’t solve the dust issue but it did the job.

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