Processing ORWO print film

Reviving this blog after a long hiatus as a place to keep records regarding various processes.

I’m about to do some contact printing and was wondering about processing the ORWO print stock

As ever, Richard Tuohy – THE go to man for all things DIY film processing – was on hand to advise:

Hi Richard,
More questions! I hope you don’t mind.
This time all with reference to the Orwo Print Stock.
1. As Neg:
    D76 ok?
    7 mins @ 21°?
2. As Pos:
    Regular Tri-X Process?
From what I could glean from the ORWO publications they suggest D-96 for neg and D-97 for pos. Is it worth mixing that for this stock?
HI Peter,
always ask me, and if I can help i don’t mind at all
D96 is the official kodak developer for bw neg stock.  It is very much the same as d76.  D76 was itself formulated as a bw motion picture neg developer.  I have used D96 but can’t see meaningful difference.
D97 is a high contrast developer.  It too is the kodak recommended dev for black and white prints.  And D94a is the kodak recommended dev for bw reversal.  But in BW there is no need to stick to the ‘official’ kodak recommendations.  Unlike colour.
So, no, don’t mix 96 or 97 or 94 or 95 (the official second developer for reversal).  Just use D76 and D19 (67).
As for times, yes, I would use that and do an exposure test and rate the film at whatever gave the best neg with that development
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