Lessons from film

Now that I’ve come to the other side of my first batch of motion picture processing it’s worth noting some general observations about what has been discovered. In no particular order:

B&W Reversal processing:

  • The Fomapan stock needs to be developed a lot longer than the recommended B&W reversal times (10 mins as opposed to 6) and ideally the clearing bath should be stronger & longer too. This goes for both 1st & 2nd developer.

8mm & 16mm colour neg in C41 chemicals:

  • The neg, to look at, has come out quite well but until I get a decent transfer it’s really impossible to tell what I’m dealing with. This obviously has larger implications in decisions about what to buy & shoot. If I don’t have access to cheap yet half decent telecine then it makes working with colour neg impossible. I’m still optimistic that I can get a DIY telecine to acceptable quality. Finding the time is another thing.

Rem Jet:

My feeling after dealing with Rem-Jet…and yes, it’s fucking messy. But the biggest hassle in my mind is not being able do anything with it without access or the funds to get a proper telecine. Until then its just neg on a reel. Useless to project and pointless to do an off the wall telecine, except as an effect.

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