More C-41

I processed another 3 rolls yesterday. I wasn’t sure if the developer would be any good as it’s been a few weeks since I first used it and there’s air in the bottle.

Anyway, that developer has now processed 5 rolls. Haven’t worked out how I’m going to sort out replenishing etc.

A few examples below:

(A bit easier to view in Flickr:

Roll_023_Preview_167 Roll_023_Preview_181 Roll_023_Preview_182 Roll_022_Preview_122 Roll_022_Preview_154 Roll_022_Preview_156 Roll_021_Preview_098 Roll_021_Preview_111 Roll_021_Preview_112 Roll_021_Preview_120

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2 Responses to More C-41

  1. Chris Gavin says:

    Thanks for blogging your experiences. I’m way behind the curve on this, but my dream is also to process my own Super 8 films… But also, I’ve got a Lomo Diana camera and 3 rolls of 120 colour neg. film, so I think I too will try some stills film first… (I developed BW stills films back in the day, but never tried any colour before). I think I’ll be buying a Tetanol kit and not be mixing up the chemical cocktails from scratch. I’m thinking ahead though, when I want to try 8mm neg film, there’s the physical issue of 50 feet to handle (Lomo tank?) and then I’ve been reading horrible stuff about the remjet backing to remove. Hopefully you’ll solve all this before I get there ; ) Many thanks again for sharing all this, best wishes from London, Chris.

    • Thanks Chris,
      Yes the rem jet is approaching. I’m also very curious to how it will go. Fingers crossed. I’ll certainly report back in detail. As there is so little info about it I will (eventually) aim to include pictures and video of the process. I think a lot of the remjet doomsayers are coming at it from the perspective of achieving a squeaky clean commercial finished neg. While I want to develop the latent image as well as I can I don’t mind inconsistencies. In fact, I kind of want it!

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